Metzger Bar & Butchery

Rustic, seasonal, German-influenced food, wine, and cocktails



Owners Brad Hemp, Brittanny Anderson, and Nathan Conway all followed different food paths to get to Metzger.

Brad Hemp worked many years selling fine wines and cheese before starting the artisan sausage company Sausage Craft in Richmond, VA. 

Nathan Conway has worked for many years as a butcher and fishmonger, biking across the country and leading the first U.S. team at the World Kubb Championships. Nathan runs our Front of House and is known for his adept wine tasting notes such as "animal fur" and "my grandma's dresser". 

Chef Brittanny Anderson was born in Richmond, but trained at the French Culinary Institute and worked as a chef in New York at Blue Hill Stone Barns and Northern Spy Food Co. She was recently named Rising Star Chef of the Year by Richmond Magazine and only cursed four times while accepting the award. Her Beyonce obsession is getting serious.

Bar Manager Kjell Anderson has honed his craft in Brooklyn, NY at Applewood and Miracle, as well as here in Richmond at The Roosevelt. Known around the restaurant as "Free Dog", Kjell is the first to notice when it is "Stock Night".

Pastry Chef Olivia Wilson was also trained at the French Culinary Institute in NYC, and worked at The Inn at Little Washington and Jean Georges before joining us here at Metzger. While mostly known for her beautiful cakes and classic macaron, her early 90's T shirt collection is something to behold.

Sous Chef Mike Ashley has worked in Front and Back of house at many restaurants in Richmond over the past 10 years, but came to Metzger after finishing a degree in Anthropology. Mike's connection to his craft is unsurpassed and he brings an amazing attitude, desire to learn and inspiring work ethic to our kitchen. Being that he's the fastest chicken butcher in town, he asks that you refer to him as "Chicken Boy" out of respect.

Together, they bring a wealth of food, wine, and beer knowledge to bear at Metzger Bar and Butchery.