"Now, nearly two years into Metzger's run, Anderson has crafted one of the most distinctive and compelling cooking styles in the South. Without completely turning away from the restaurant's original intent, her menu has evolved into as an impressionistic self-portrait, with brushstrokes of European and American flavors that blend organically without ever coming off as blurry or haphazard."
-Bill Addison, Eater

Metzger Nails the Art of Culinary Country Hopping

"Think of Metzger as a tonic for your Southern food ennui; the brilliant white-tiled restaurant consistently produces a pithy selection of outstanding and distinctive German-inspired fare."

- Richmond Magazine's Best New Restaurants 2015

Southern Living's Best New Restaurants, 12 to Watch

"This restaurant and butchery packs a powerful punch, but its biggest hit isn’t in the dining room’s neutral palette or the utilitarian, carve-’em-up cleavers and knives hanging on the wall; it’s the seasonal ingredients coloring every plate. "

- Richmond Magazine 11.14.14

"It isn’t an easy thing to find something truly new happening in the local dining scene, especially one as propelled by creativity as Richmond’s. But somehow Metzger Bar & Butchery manages to do just that."

-Style Weekly Restaurant of the Year 3.10.15